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The Makélé is both a new instrument and collaborative project inspired by the Kikongo name for sound (Makélélé). This Makélé holds 12 berimbaus, which are stringed gourd healing instruments used in various african traditions and in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Makélé is also the name of this collaborative project between father and son Amen and Avila Santo. Together we offer ; activated sound healing, performances and session recording for music, multimedia and film. We are both professional percussionists, so elements of drums and percussion can also be included in sessions. The first Makélé was designed by my Amen Santo and crafted by Jack Mcguinn, using the native Amazonian wood Ipé. Different iterations of the instrument will be made over time.
Makélé offerings (online and in person)
● Activated sound healing sessions (group + individual)
● Performance
● Session recording for music, multimedia and film
*We are looking for community organizations, artists, productions and companies to collaborate with.

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